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October 21, 2020

Will Home Insurance Cover My Basement?

While home insurance covers against most dangers in your home, there are a few important exceptions to take into consideration when analyzing your policy. Certain areas of your home, such as your roof and basement, are unique when it comes to home insurance. More exclusions apply to your basement than you may be aware of, leaving you open to having a claim unexpectedly denied.a room with a wooden floor


Overall, however, a basic home insurance policy should cover your basement from damage caused by a covered peril. Covered perils, or incidents, under home insurance include fire, wind, hail, lightning, smoke, vandalism and more. 


Does Home Insurance Cover Flooded Basements? 

Most home insurance policies exclude flood and earthquake damage from their coverage. This is especially true for basements, which are typically below ground level and the most likely to flood. If your home is damaged due to a flood or earthquake, you will not be covered unless you have additional policies to cover these dangers. Not every insurer offers these coverages, however. 


Does Home Insurance Cover Burst Pipes in Basements? 

The one exception to floods is often sudden and unexpected pipe bursts. If there is an unexpected overflow that floods your basement, you may be covered. Filing a claim for this is tricky, however. When you file a claim on your home insurance policy, a claims adjuster from the insurer will investigate the claim. If they discover that the burst pipes were due to poor maintenance, your claim may be denied. However, if the burst pipes were due to an accident out of your control, you should be able to receive compensation based on the damages and limitations of your policy. 


For additional coverage, you may want to invest in Sewer or Water Backup Coverage. This additional coverage ensures that you will receive compensation in case of unexpected sewer and water issues not caused by a natural flood. 

If your home has a basement, it is recommended that you maintain proper maintenance and remain aware of storms that could possibly damage or flood your basement. Most damages should be covered, but there may be exclusions on your policy. 


Are Items in My Basement Covered? 

Home insurance includes personal belongings coverage, which should cover items you keep in your basement. These items are subject to the same exclusions and limitations, however. Flood damage done to items stored in your basement may not be covered. 

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