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September 3, 2021

How to File a Renters Insurance Claim for a Visitor’s Injury

There are many benefits to having renters insurance. One of the most important reasons look into getting a policy is because it can significantly minimize your financial losses in the event of a liability matter. If someone visits your home and falls on the sidewalk leading up to your rented apartment, the risk may be on the landlord. However, if that person falls inside your unit, it may be up to you to cover their medical expenses. The cost of medical claims from a significant injury, such as a fall that causes a head injury, can be very high. With renters insurance, you have some level of financial protection. 
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Is the Incident a Claim? 
Even if someone enters your apartment without your permission and is injured, the risk could be covered under a liability claim on your renters insurance. It’s important for you, as the renter, to ensure your home is safe and to take every step possible in ensuring that. You simply cannot assume your landlord’s insurance will protect your liability because in most cases, it won’t.  

Your renters insurance will specifically state what types of incidents are covered, along with which events are excluded. In general, injuries and other liability claims occurring within your apartment or on a related area like a balcony, may be covered by renters insurance. 

How to File a Claim 
If someone is hurt on your property, get medical help right away. This is important for both the individual’s needs, but also for documentation of the injury. Once medical care is sought out, document everything you can about the incident, including taking photos if possible. Then, call your renters insurance provider. Most will need you to supply the name and contact information for the hurt individual and any other details you have. The insurance company can then handle legal action against you (which is often against your insurer), as well as any claims. 

Liability claims are serious. In every situation, it is best to work closely with your insurance provider immediately. Of course, you also have to take steps to keep your property safe, as does your landlord. 

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