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July 30, 2020

Examples of Liability Claims in Your Business ?

liability_insuranceYou might strive to make your business a safe environment for your customers. However, no matter how much risk management you put in place, accidents could still happen at any time. If someone gets hurt in the business, then they might sue you for their losses. If this happens, then you might be able to rely on your commercial general liability insurance to cover the costs. Still, it is a better idea to be on the lookout for accident risks and do what you can to prevent them. 


Liability Insurance  

Hidden hazards might lurk around any corner of your business. Even if someone trips over a loose tile on the floor, they could get seriously hurt. You might not have noticed that this hazard was present, but that doesn’t mean the client cannot sue you for such a loss. In these cases, general liability insurance might be able to pay for the response you have to make.


A general liability policy usually pays for property damage and bodily injuries you cause to others while doing business with them. Even if the person’s loss was an accident, the business might still have to take responsibility. Your liability policy might help you do so. It might pay for the individual’s medical costs, lost income and other expenses. It can also help you cover your own legal expenses if lawsuits occur. 


Common Liability Claims in Businesses  

The types of liability claims that might strike businesses vary. However, certain risks are present in the majority of businesses nationwide. These might include:  

  • Slip-and-Fall risks: Wherever a customer goes in your business, they might trip, slip on a wet or slick surface, or otherwise fall. Even if the floor is completely clean, falls might still occur.  

  • Slip risks: Some injuries might even occur if someone slips but doesn’t fall. They might get hurt from the strain simply because their body moved the wrong way at the wrong time.  

  • Head Injury risks: An object might fall from a high position onto another person. It might be a falling object from a shelf, or even a picture that falls off the wall.  

  • Equipment injuries: A piece of equipment in the store might injure someone. They might trip over it, hurt themselves while using it or get caught in a piece of automatic machinery. 


You can often avoid these injury risks by doing regular maintenance in the business. If you see a problem developing, then you should fix it. You should also post warning signs around hazardous locations or equipment. Careful risk management can help you keep the risk of a liability claim to a low level. 

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