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August 3, 2022

Can Being in a Local Business Association Lower Insurance Costs?

Finding the most affordable business insurance is vital to many companies. This is especially true when you are just starting your business.  

Affordability matters. Sometimes, you may find that your business affiliations can help to reduce your costs. Business insurance premiums are set based on the risk a company presents to the insurer. Being affiliated with some groups may help to reduce your overall costs. How does this work? 
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Types of Groups Covered 
Sometimes, insurance companies will offer lower rates to members of professional organizations. This happens for many reasons. For example, the insurance agency may offer a coverage discount to members of that organization. It may offer lower rates because that agency helps to provide education and tools to help the company to be less of a risk – such as training, government regulation support, and ongoing guidance. 

Some common instances in which you may qualify for a lower business insurance rate include: 

  • Being a member of a union (the union may help you secure a lower rate if you purchase through the union’s affiliated insurer)
  • Business associations
  • Rotary clubs
  • Professional organizations such as plumbers or electrical associations 

In addition to the reduction on traditional business insurance, being a member of these groups can help your company to purchase lower costing healthcare coverage for your employees. It may also help you to minimize workers compensation costs. This differs from one industry to the next. 

Why Should You Join an Organization? 
Professional organizations can help with more than just insurance rates. This move can also help you to see significantly less risk within your company. Recognized groups help their members to maintain licenses, educate them about changes to regulations, and keep members up to date on industry news. They also help you to compete and build a strong business. 

Take a few moments to consider professional organizations that may fit your needs. Then, join them. Tell your business insurance agent about your association with any of these groups. Doing so could help you to see a lower premium without any reduction in the amount of coverage you have. Ask your insurer about other professional organizations that can help you to reduce costs. 

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